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The Membership Committee is primarily tasked with ensuring that communities impacted by HIV are given the opportunity to contribute to the work produced by CAHISC.

The Membership Committee achieves this through several means. 

Reviewing the CAHISC membership application and coordinating outreach and recruitment of people interested in becoming members of CAHISC. Applications are circulated through professional and interpersonal relationships in attempts to both cast the widest net and to deliberately focus recruitment efforts on populations underrepresented in CAHISC.

The Membership Committee is involved in recruiting content experts and interested community members and groups to attend CAHISC full body meetings as well as any of the committee meetings, all of which are open to the public. If any committee is interested in having a content expert or representative of a particular community participate in their meetings, the Membership Committee can be used to facilitate. On the other side, if any content expert or interested community member or group is interested in talking with a particular committee or the CAHISC full body, the Membership Committee will facilitate that, as well.

Just as it is important for the perspective of the community to be brought to the attention of CAHISC, it is also important for the work of CAHISC to be brought back to the communities most impacted by HIV. The Membership Committee is involved in setting up community forums in which CAHISC members can speak back to interested communities about the work we do. Furthermore, the Membership Committee will be attending community events throughout the city, spreading the word about the existence of CAHISC, the work that we do, and sharing all of the opportunities people have to participate in CAHISC activities.